Instant Pot Wine – Yes, It’s A Thing!

Instant Pot WineI suppose to many the title of this post sounds like it must be rhetorical: after all, why wouldn’t you try to make Instant Pot wine? Seems like a silly question, right?

Beyond the obvious (and humorous) reasons, my attempt to make wine in the Instant Pot – or at least use it to help get the wine started – is because my wife gets really bad headaches from many store bought wines, and particularly red wines, presumably from the tannins. So, we decided to give Instant Pot wine a go to see if she has the same sort of reaction. After all, we only stand to lose $4 or $5 in ingredients and a little time.

Before I go any further, let me state loudly and clearly that while I (among many others!) have pondered how to make Instant Pot wine, the inspiration for this endeavor is David Murphy, who should be immortalized in the Instant Pot Hall Of Fame for coming up with this idea and posting it on his blog, FoodNService! We love you, man!

So, using David’s easy to follow directions, I gathered up the whopping list of three ingredients*, mixed them up, and dumped the resulting grape slurry into my 6 quart Instant Pot Duo. I wasn’t worried about not having my Instant Pot available for the lengthy time the wine has to sit, because I also have an Ultra that’s my main pot.

And now we wait! I’ll keep you posted on the progress of the experiment…

* If you have trouble finding yeast for making wine, you can find it on Amazon for making both red wine and white wine.

FYI, I used to make wine quite a few years ago, and my wife didn’t seem to have issues with headaches then. So, we’ll see if Instant Pot wine will be the same. 😎

Update: While the wine I made won’t win any awards at a wine festival, it was certainly decent enough and had a great kick. I can’t say if I’ll be making much more this way, but it’s an easy and really inexpensive way to make some decent home brew wine!

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