Time for Body Beast by Beachbody

Body Beast by Beachbody

It’s way past time for New Year’s resolutions, but I’ve got to get my silly putty body back into some semblance of shape. Everybody has their own reasons for trying to get in shape, and their own definition of what that means. I’ll be 55 in a few months, and I don’t want to fall off a cliff in terms of my health. I’ve got a much better handle on the nutrition angle than I used to (you can read more on that In The Kitchen), but the workout piece is still missing. And so, once again, I’m turning to Beachbody to help out, this time with the Body Beast program. Okay, fine, go ahead and laugh at the incongruity of me and “body beast” in the same sentence. Get it out of your system… 😂

Now that you’re done laughing, I chose Body Beast because when I’ve gotten into shape in the past (yes, that’s actually happened!), I’ve had the greatest success building on a foundation of resistance training, then moving off in whatever direction I wanted. As I said earlier, Beachbody programs have been berry, berry good to me, and in the past have gotten my wife and me into fantastic shape several times, including as a springboard from being couch potatoes to running half marathons, which I’d like to do again. That is, in addition to not being a blob and worrying about suffering a pulled muscle when making the bed. That can happen to us old farts, ya know!

Oddly enough, I’m also hoping that this will help act as a catalyst for my writing, which crashed into a stone wall a while ago and still hasn’t recovered. I’ve got lots of ideas and a half-written novel (two, actually, counting a novella I started a long time ago and haven’t yet finished), but my muse has gone on vacation. I’m hoping that transforming my lumpy body into something beach-worthy might help. And hey, it can’t hurt!

Body Beast appealed to me because it’s mainly comprised of basic resistance exercises that I’m familiar with, without a lot of the complex moves that have me falling on my ass or plyometrics that will destroy what’s left of my knees. I know going into it that I won’t be able to do every rep and every set, but that will come in time, probably after the first couple weeks. Assuming, of course, that it doesn’t kill me first. That is a YUUUUGE assumption!

So, wish me luck! And if you want to join me in transforming yourself from a couch potato into a six-pack endowed walking sculpture (I’m trying really hard to keep a straight face here), check out Body Beast or do whatever else works for you and join me.