Red Legion (In Her Name, Book 10)

Red Legion (In Her Name, Book 10)

Reza Gard returns in the next installment of the In Her Name series!

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About the Book

Reza Gard is back! He and Eustus Camden, fresh out of Marine Corps training at Quantico, find themselves assigned to a small Red Legion Marine detachment aboard the corvette CSS Leander. The detachment commander is a young female lieutenant who wants to do her duty, but she lives in terror of “Stalin,” the detachment’s sadistic senior NCO, a convicted murderer who was given the chance for a pardon if he could survive a year in the Legion. The other men and women of the detachment are little better: they are the dregs scraped from Confederation prisons; they’re rapists, thieves, and malcontents. But they must find a way to unite if they want to have the slimmest hope of surviving against the warriors of the Kreelan Empire.

I’m currently working on this book, and invite you to join me and other fans to read along as I write it on Wattpad.

Series: In Her Name, Book 10
Genre: Science Fiction
Tag: Upcoming Releases
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