The Draft of Chapter Twelve of RED LEGION Is Up

For those who are following RED LEGION on Wattpad, chapter twelve is now available for you to check out. I look forward to your feedback and hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Brett Calhoun looked up from his work as an unfamiliar wail rose in pitch over the roar of the rain pouring down into the street outside the open front of his shop. He stood there for a moment, holding the gate hinge he’d been working on, as the eerie sound wormed its way into his brain. He knew what the sound was, but he hadn’t heard it since the system had been upgraded years before and was tested a few times. Since then, it had never been activated.

The invasion alert.

“Lord of All,” he whispered as he dropped the glowing hinge he’d been working on into the water bucket where it let off a torrent of steam, then tossed his tools onto a nearby bench. Dashing upstairs, taking the steps two at a time, he went to his room and flung open the closet. Reaching past the only set of formal clothes he owned, he grabbed a long canvas bag from the back corner. Unzipping it, he extracted a military assault rifle. It wasn’t a modern pulse rifle like the Marines used, but fired rounds that used caseless propellant and were tipped with combination armor piercing/high explosive bullets. It wasn’t fancy, but it was tough, reliable, and easy to care for. Every adult colonist had one, courtesy of the Confederation as part of the Territorial Army program, along with two hundred rounds of ammunition. More weapons and ammunition were stored at the local armory, which was a squat stone structure near the center of town that was manned by two full-time TA civilians to keep it clean and fix the constant leaks in the roof. Unlike many of his peers, who’d thought of the Kreelans as either a government hoax or someone else’s problem, Calhoun had taken good care of the weapon, hoping he would never have to use it, and had cleaned and oiled it every month and fired it every year. “Please let this be a false alarm,” he said, turning his eyes heavenward. But something twisted in his gut, knowing that Reza and his fellow Marines had been sent out to investigate some “shooting stars.” What was it, Reza’s lieutenant had said? Maybe meteors, maybe something else. It looked like they had been something else…

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