Farewell to Facebook

I know many people have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, and I’m no different. While I generally like the engagement on my personal Facebook page (although Facebook seems determined to find endless ways to annoy us), the “Pages,” like my author page, have become all but useless, unless you’re willing to shell out a lot of money to boost – advertise – your page posts. If you’ve liked my page, or someone else’s, there’s an increasingly small chance that you’ll actually see anything I post, because Facebook simply won’t show it to you.

I’ve tried boosting posts on a few occasions, but even with the amount of money Facebook recommended (ha!), it still only reached a fraction of the people who liked my page. Gah!

What I’ve decided to do is just post links on Facebook to posts I make here. So, if you see it on Facebook, great, but I’m hoping you’ll sign up for notifications here on the site so you can have more direct interaction.

So, what do you think about Facebook pages, or Facebook in general?

7 Replies to “Farewell to Facebook”

  1. It is a necessary evil today. I can spread important news to much of my family in an an instant. There is so much crap posts I have to hide which slows my browsing down. I am a loyal reader but Facebook is not really worth shelling out money for.

  2. Hey – Don’t Blame you at all – Time is the only thing we cant get back – so don’t waste it –

    Mike – It has been a few years but I hear you headed back up to the Fort ?? Also do you still publish your ? How to Publish ? handbook ? I have just retired finally and might have some free time to write my first Murder Mystery novel…. REDBACKS & LADYBUGS

    regards ,


  3. One word: Facebook Live! That’s the best (and likely only) way you’ll show up in a large percentage of your ‘friends’ or ‘fans’ newsfeed. I’ve done a handful in the past week and received massive impressions/engagement. It’s free (and a bit unnerving at first!).

  4. Facebook is a useful tool that has been defiled and modified by the great unwashed masses until it’s all but useless. I’m sure there are a few people who actually like .poorly composed pictures of whatever whoever is having for dinner, or the endless stream of pictures of (not my) kids. And don’t even get me started on selfies. Yuck.

    And, if I really wanted political comments by idiots who don’t even have a dog in the fight, I’d buy a cheap newspaper and not spend beaucoup bucks on a desktop PC that only works occasionally.

    My only advice to those addicted to this crap is enjoy it. You made it what it’s become.

  5. I have retreated from social media altogether. I, too, am a writer (isn’t everyone these days?). But I don’t give one iota about my book sales or how social media affects them. I detest loose connections, and don’t find it at all intriguing to have tons of “friends” that I don’t know.

    I still prefer intimiate conversations over coffee. Or a glass of wine on a warm Wednesday afternoon. There’s no way for me to reduce my thoughts/feelings into 140 characters (or however many Twitter allows) and I don’t enjoy having my life on display for the world to see – especially for those who don’t know me.

  6. I am starting to hate Facebook for my writing. Lately, every time I post a book on my Author Page, I get a message that they think it’s SPAM and delete it. They do the same thing even in the book promotion groups. So far, the money I’ve spent on boosting posts has had little effect on sales. The money might have been better spent taking the family out for pizza.

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