Audiobook Production of FIRST CONTACT Begins

In Her Name: First ContactI’ll be perfectly honest here and say that I’ve taken a run at making audiobooks of the IN HER NAME series a couple/few times before, but ran out of gas (or was totally distracted, lol) before I got too far. Nonetheless, I’m going to give it another shot starting tomorrow (Saturday, 20 May). I know a lot of folks have asked for audiobooks of this series over the years, so I’m finally going to try mighty hard to make that happen. It’s not going to happen quickly, because I know from my previous experience that making audiobooks takes a lot of work, but hopefully this time will be the charm.

In any case, FIRST CONTACT is the guinea pig – wish me luck!

8 thoughts on “Audiobook Production of FIRST CONTACT Begins

  1. Wow. Go for it my friend. Wider audience. For all those folk out there who can’t read, for whatever reason. You’ll be opening up a whole new world(s) for them. Exciting, just thinking about them getting caught up in the adventure. I have read your complete works, 3 times in 2 years! In a way, I’m glad that I missed the start of the journey, cos’ I didn’t have to wait long, for the next book! 🙂 My favourite character? Just has to be Ayan-Dar.


  2. Cant wait now spend half my free book time doing reviews on audio as i have been converted to loving them. Hope it goes well are you doing it yourself or having a pro narrator do it?

  3. So glad to hear this is going to happen. I just got done listening to the Harvest trilogy and !oved it. Great companion while I am knitting.

  4. I will be in line waiting to purchase. however, I am really waiting for “EMPIRE”, In Her Name: Redemption, Book 1.
    I have read the complete series and really want to heard this one!

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